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The connection between architecture and jewelry design

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A small triangle ring

In the world of jewelry, Yael Givon is considered a pioneer in creating jewelry that combines art and science, drawing inspiration from the world of architecture and geometric structures. In this article, we will explore the ways in which Yael Givon’s jewelry designs merge with the principles of architecture, creating a unique and fascinating visual experience.

Architecture as a source of inspiration

Architecture, not only science but also art, is an important element in Yael Givon’s inspiration for her jewelry designs. She uses geometric structures and shapes in her jewelry to create clean lines, structure and symmetry, reminiscent of the spirit of architecture.

Key examples:

  • Pendants and rings: designs that combine geometric elements, such as squares, triangles and circles.
  • Earrings: use of clean lines and minimalist shapes that return us to the basic principles of architecture.
  • Chains: the creation of complex and impressive structures, which combine delicate and modern geometry.

Giving life to metals and stones

In her work, Yael Givon specializes in the combination of precious metals and selected stones, while creating a symbiosis between the material and the design. The process begins with the selection of the most suitable materials, and continues with a design that reflects the architectural inspiration.

Main ingredients:

  • Gold and silver: use of 18, 21, 14 carat gold and 925 silver to create a rich and refined look.
  • Precious stones: a combination of diamonds, and black diamonds to create a luxurious and spectacular touch.

The way to the target audience

Yael Givon jewelry attracts customers looking for uniqueness, quality and modern design. The brand offers a luxurious experience that combines art and science, thus giving customers a sense of uniqueness and innovation.


Yael Givon jewelry offers a visual and experiential journey that combines the worlds of architecture, art and design. The use of quality materials and the creation of geometric designs create unique jewelry, which speaks to customers who are looking for something special and selected.


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