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black diamonds

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Say hello to the toughest diamond in town!

The black diamond is the hardest diamond on the market. This unique gemstone is an impressive choice for jewelry, as its hardness means it will remain beautiful for a lifetime. With its deep, dark color and extraordinary shine, it will make any piece of jewelry look luxurious, strong and kicking!

Through the rare beauty and durability of the black diamond, it will quickly become a favorite part of your collection. This unique gemstone will express your bold style!

Why is a black diamond cheaper than a white diamond?

The cost of a diamond is determined by its quality, size, shape and color. Black diamonds are becoming more and more popular due to their unique appearance and reasonable price. Black diamonds are generally cheaper than white diamonds because they are less rare and have more inclusions. In addition, they do not require polishing or cutting like white diamonds, which also contributes to their low cost.

Is a black diamond of lower quality than a white diamond?

When it comes to diamonds, the most popular color is white. But what about black diamonds?

Are they less good than white diamonds? The answer is not so simple. While white diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings and other jewelry, black diamonds are admired as a unique alternative. They have their own elegance and beauty that cannot be found in any other type of diamond. So, when it comes to choosing between a black diamond and a white diamond, it really comes down to personal preference.

What should I look for when buying black diamonds?

It is a well-known and recognized rule that jewelry is a woman’s best friend. But pay attention, your partner will not like every piece of jewelry, so you need to choose a special piece of jewelry that will be loved by your partner and that she will enjoy and appreciate. So what is the perfect piece of jewelry? More and more women choose to buy black diamonds, so a gift of a black diamond is perfect for your partner.

Of course, if you decide to buy a black diamond, you need to examine in depth the quality of the diamond, its cleanliness, its quality and the level of its finish. Of course, the better the diamond, the more expensive it will be. But a black diamond is something simply worth buying!

How do I ensure that I buy great natural black diamonds?

Let’s say that you decide to buy natural black diamonds and you want to be sure that they are excellent, how will you ensure this? If so, the best way to buy a great diamond is to see who is selling it. If you find a jewelry designer who specializes in diamonds, you can be sure that the diamond will be excellent!

Therefore, we suggest you, first of all, examine in depth who designs the jewelry you want to buy. Write the name of the designer in Google and see who she is and what she is. That’s how you’ll buy an excellent diamond and that’s how you and your partner will be happy and that’s of course worth everything.

Can the color of the black diamond decrease?

Absolutely not, the color of a black diamond is fixed and cannot be changed. Black diamonds are actually created by large amounts of graphite inclusions within the diamond, giving it its iconic, dark and mysterious look that many people love so much.

What are Carbonodo diamonds?

Carbonodo diamonds, also known as “black diamonds” or “polycrystalline diamonds”, are a rare type of diamond, with a rare structure and composition that make them very special. They are made up of many small diamonds that have fused together, which gives them their unique dark color. They are also heat and pressure resistant, making them very durable over time. In addition, they have an incredibly high refractive index. That is, they can show vivid colors like blues and reds when exposed to light.

Should I buy Carbonodo diamonds online?

Carbonodo diamonds are black diamonds and after we mentioned that it is worth examining who the designer of the diamonds is, another question arises and that is should we buy a black diamond online? If so, we must point out that this is an excellent option provided that the site is reliable and trustworthy.

The advantage of buying online is the fact that you can see prices and types easily and find out all the details about the diamonds in a few minutes. We must point out that in order to be sure that you are not being worked on, you should buy on an Israeli website. This way you can be sure that the diamonds are real, high quality and good. We note that even if you don’t buy online, you need to check the store where you buy the diamond, so it doesn’t matter if you buy online or in a physical store.

Why is it better to buy designer jewelry?

We must point out that it is better for you to buy inlaid designed jewelry In black diamonds, from the collections of jewelry designers, and not just a diamond that is not attached to a piece of jewelry. As soon as you buy a piece of jewelry designed with a black diamond, you guarantee a perfect match between the jewelry and the black diamond, thus avoiding a situation where the jewelry does not fit perfectly with the diamond.

Another thing that you should examine in depth is the nature of the designer of the jewelry, because the designer has a huge influence on the style of the jewelry that you buy. You must examine not only the jewelry and its components, but also the style of the jewelry and make sure that you connect with it. Each designer has her own style and unique signature, so it’s worth understanding who designed the jewelry and how he or she did it.


Why do men prefer black diamonds over other types of jewelry?

Men often prefer black diamonds because they exude a timeless and classic look, making them a versatile choice for any look or occasion. They also tend to be less expensive than other types of diamonds and jewelry, making them an attractive option for men’s jewelry. Therefore, if you want to buy a gift for your partner, a black diamond is an excellent option!

Should you let your partner choose the diamond or choose alone?

The question arises if we want to buy our partner a piece of jewelry with a black diamond, should we let the partner choose the jewelry or choose it alone? If so, it depends on the nature of your relationship and how familiar you are with their personal taste and style. However, we must point out that in most cases the jewelry can be exchanged after the purchase, so there is no problem buying a piece of jewelry by yourself and surprising your partner!


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