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You make my world sparkle


It’s nice to meet Yael Givon, a Tel Avivian, with a degree in interior design from the College of Management and a graduate of goldsmithing certificate studies from Shankar.

I found my true passion in goldsmithing and jewelry design.

I create jewelry because for me a piece of jewelry can make the whole look. It is unique, timeless and has a presence and a statement. It accompanies you, it makes you stand out…with the right piece of jewelry you are completely there.


My brand is young, kicking and rockish and in my collection you will find sharp geometry, textures and presence.

One of the most prominent features of my brand is that it is unisex and rugged! The pieces I design are mysterious, daring and current. I believe that a piece of jewelry should have a lot of presence, which is why I put emphasis in my jewelry on oversized size, massiveness and three-dimensionality, characteristics that are influenced by the world of architecture, where I came from and from which I draw my inspiration.

These characteristics make the jewelry stand out, bring it to life and allow it to become pieces that cannot be ignored or taken away from.


In my collection you will find high quality designs, with an emphasis on the small details and with a unique statement, which conveys confidence and power!

The jewelry is created by me, with sensitivity, passion and layers… such that will peel yours, penetrate deep inside and reveal who you really are!

The twist? Dark street chic, however, is luxurious.

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