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Animal Style

A unique and devastating collection of animal pendants for men and women! The pendants have a sharp geometric language, textures, layers and three dimensions, which characterize the brand. In this collection you will find stunning oversized pieces that will upgrade any look and cannot be ignored!

Black Diamonds

An elegant, daring and particularly sparkling collection! The jewelry in this collection is made of 14K or 18K gold and silver and set with black diamonds, which give off a dramatic and rugged look! And the twist? Dark street chic, yet classy!


A unisex collection for him and her, oozing style, statement and presence!
These features make the jewelry stand out, liven it up and give it a dramatic and powerful look! This collection was inspired by the world of architecture, and is therefore characterized by geometric, massive and three-dimensional pieces.


A hysterical, mysterious and current collection!
This collection is characterized by layering and plays with textures and sharp geometric shapes. The interesting combinations between the different geometric shapes and the varied textures, turn each piece of jewelry into a unique piece that you won’t want to take off!

customers recommend

"When I saw the designs I was very excited, different from anything else I had seen and I decided to invest and treat myself to a gift. I ordered a necklace and I needed to change the length so I contacted the designer who was super nice and helped me with ease"
Yael Hollander
"I have to share, this morning I received a pendant that I ordered through the website of the designer Yael Givon. The pendant is perfect, so precise and special! Gold plus black diamonds. The delivery was fast, it arrived 3 days before the promised date. I am so happy! Highly recommend!"
Miriat Menachem
"There's nothing wrong with Yael Givon's jewelry!!! I'm just addicted to them! The designs are so unique! The service is kind. I had a great shopping experience! I will definitely be buying more jewelry from Yael Givon!"
Noa Yehezkel
"You can see her unique fingerprint in all of Yael Givon's jewelry. My husband made a surprise for me and ordered me a necklace that Yael designed and designed. The service is personal and the attitude is excellent! The necklace I received is just perfect and I don't stop getting compliments on it. I highly recommend it!!!"
Fazit Angel
"I ordered the ring I've wanted for so long and I'm just getting compliments everywhere! Apart from that, the shopping experience is very convenient and fun and the service is excellent! I highly recommend it! This is a designer with high quality and special items that you will definitely be satisfied with!!!"
Sharon Levy
"I purchased a personally designed necklace from Yael Givon. In addition to discovering a talented designer with unique jewelry, I also enjoyed a pleasant and helpful purchase process, which included a lot of listening on Yael's part and a tolerant answer to all my questions and requests. I have no doubt that I will return to purchase more jewelry from Yael!"
Yael Rabin
"Beautiful jewelry that is simply irresistible, a stunning and "inviting" website, I purchased a white gold pendant and necklace and am already tempted to buy another one. Thank you!!!"
Lee Cohen
"Designer Yael Givon has very special and unique jewelry, precise and amazing design, the service through the website is excellent!!!!"
Haya Rabinovitch
"The jewelry of the designer Yael Givon is simply amazing. The service through the website is excellent! Everything that was promised is perfect!!! Thank you very much!!"
Miri Rotenberg
"The necklace I purchased (crown pendant, gold with diamonds) through the website is amazing, it doesn't fall off me and I get compliments and am very, very happy with it. Precise, clean and beautiful work by the designer, and the delivery arrived right on time :)!!!"
Maya Yosef
"I bought this perfect ring, and it keeps getting compliments. I really like the special designs 🤎"
Liz Kaniaz
"Amazing shopping experience! Starting from the website itself, fast delivery, response, courteous and high-quality service, and of course the jewelry itself, wow!!! I've already ordered several times and will definitely order again. Thank you:)!"
Efrat Cohen